Developer Fee Studies

In the context of skyrocketing construction costs and a considerable backlog in state funding from the School Facilities Program, school districts have increasingly needed to rely on locally funded financing mechanisms to provide for their facility needs. K&G Public Finance brings years of experience in advising school districts on a wide variety of financing solutions, and has taken on a leading voice in addressing the unique funding challenges school districts face in the state of California. In an environment where developers have every incentive to scrutinize development fee studies, we have maintained a proven track record of successfully defending our conclusions against challenges from external agencies and parties.

At K&G Public Finance, our analyses are backed by a strong understanding of legal precedent in the interpretation of relevant code sections, as well as meticulous research of local indicators and development activity. In a state as diverse as California, we believe that there are few “one-size-fits-all” answers for school districts, which is why we model facilities cost impacts on the basis of local real estate, employment, and demographic trends to derive the most robust nexus between local development and fees possible. Services offered include the justification of developer fees and preparation of regulatory transparency reports.


Koppel & Gruber Public Finance provides developer fee study services and expert insights for:

Fee Justification Studies
K&G Public Finance has experience in assisting school districts with the justification of their statutory fees.

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School Facility Needs Analysis
K&G Public Finance assists clients in the determination of eligibility to adopt alternative school fees, and in the preparation of School Facilities Needs Analyses.

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Combined Annual and Five-Year Developer Fee Reports
K&G Public Finance helps clients meet reporting requirements by creating Combined Annual and Five-Year Developer Fee Reports.

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