Feasibility Analysis

The Civic Center Act (Education Code Sections 38130 et. seq) allows school districts to charge a fee for qualified uses of non-classroom school facilities, not to exceed full direct costs to the school district. The Act allows school districts to charge for the direct costs of using the facility and recently, the Act was amended to also allow school districts to charge an amount to cover the maintenance, repair, restoration and refurbishment of the facilities.

Koppel & Gruber Public Finance provides assistance to school districts in the (1) identification of opportunities to expand fee collections and (2) determination of fair rental value for the usage of facilities. We develop evidence-based fee models to determine appropriate hourly rental fee schedules on the basis of allowable direct operational and capital costs associated with the use of specific facilities.

To review the Education Code Sections 38130-38139, visit the Official California Legislative Information website and enter the Code Section into the search box. Visit http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov.